Quartz Halogen Lights
Quartz Halogen Lights Non UV Blockers

Quartz Halogen Lights Non UV Blockers

Ultra violet bulbs are both expensive and represent an investment that cannot be used for other purposes. Quartz halogen lights, provided by a number of manufacturers, can be purchased at lower prices and will allow UV rays to be emitted and provide nice illumination. These Quartz technical lamps are offered in a wide variety of standard lighting configurations as well, so you can arrange for custom solutions to be developed for specific lighting applications of the Quartz halogen non UV blocking light bulb.

Many applications of the Quartz halogen light requires various ranges of power and UV radiation specifications. Commercial operators can typically find Quartz lights in the 10 to 400 watt range and at a variety of UV wavelengths in the nano meter range. If a halogen non UV blocking light is required outside these ranges, manufactures will meet to discuss your requirements. Halogen lights of this type typically run very hot, therefore the base and protectors for these light bulbs must be constructed and matched to the heat requirements of these bulbs.

Retailers and manufacturers can assist you in matching up the correct Quartz halogen bulb with the appropriate base and heat protector for lighting. Many are spring loaded and have pin contacts to provide reliability in these situations, where commercial requirements are more stringent than residential illumination requirements are. In addition, wiring designs must also take into account heat and current requirements to ensure that the high temperature light bulb does not degrade the insulation on the electrical connections that provide power. All wiring must meet applicable commercial electrical standards when you connect Quartz halogen bulbs for illumination.

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