Chromalux Light Bulbs
Chromalux Light Bulbs Improved Lighting

Chromalux Light Bulbs Improved Lighting

Chromalux light bulbs come in various sizes and models including the Chromalux incandescent light bulb and one of their latest creations, the Chromalux halogen light bulb which employs Neodymium in the glass to produce a whiter illumination and cut down on the yellow light emitted by many light bulbs from other manufacturers. The latest Chromalux light bulb is a halogen bulb providing up to 5000 hours life cycle, a titanium reflector which directs the light beam within a tight beam and limits the yellow light present in many light bulbs. These new Chromalux bulbs also generate very little heat making them suitable for many illumination applications that previously many not have been suitable due to heat generation.

Chromalux Lights are excellent to be used in applications that require pure white light, such as dentist offices and medical offices, that require excellent lighting to ensure that the working environment is optimum for situations requiring close up work by trained technicians. Jewellery displays are another application for Chromalux bulbs were diamonds and rubies look their best in the natural white light of Chromalux bulbs strategically placed throughout the display.

Another use of Chromalux Lights is in displays of art and sculptures were you want natural light to enhance the beauty of the works of art and bring out the true colours that are involved in the art piece. Lights with a yellow tinge will not bring out the true beauty of these pieces. Chromalux lights can be used in homes, offices, commercial applications and in museums to provide a natural illumination that enhances the objects that fall with in the range of the bulbs.

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