Halogen Light Poles
Halogen Light Poles Compact Design

Halogen Light Poles Compact Design

Manufacturers have continuously improved the design and specifications of halogen light poles with ever more compact designs which enable consumers to place halogen lights in locations that in the past were considered impossible or unsafe. Now you can easily install or move lights on the pole to provide illumination in many different locations. The halogen bulbs that are installed have been developed for low voltage lighting designs, and the bulb has decreased in size with corresponding energy requirements being significantly reduced and heat reduction for the halogen bulbs that are installed on the compact light poles.

The connector systems for a halogen light pole utilize prefabricated components that are moulded to tight specifications, enabling easy installation anywhere along the light pole. There are screw in versions as well, however the majority of applications seem to prefer the snap in lights connectors to add illumination in various parts of the home. Light poles can be installed along walls, inside furniture and used to increase display lighting in many commercial applications. Temporary installations also are great applications for lighting using halogen low voltage bulbs.

Light poles will typically include distributor blocks and mechanical connectors that are coded to prevent accidental connections that result in an incorrect configuration for your halogen light bulb assembly. Light poles use low voltage halogen bulbs avoiding heat build-up and reducing energy costs while providing illumination in those difficult areas to reach. Consumers have placed halogen poles inside cupboards and around furniture to hi-light their displays and accentuate their furnishings. Light poles are unobtrusive lights, and do not require expensive installation equipment or labour when you install them in your home or office.

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