Modern Lights
Modern Lights Ė Replace Existing Technology

Modern Lights Ė Replace Existing Technology

The lighting industry is virtually going through a revolution with new illumination concepts, new shapes and new technical breakthroughs occurring almost weekly. Modern lights bulbs have evolved a great deal just in the past few years for the home, the office and the car industry to name three examples. The staple light bulb has been the incandescent bulb which has served us for over 100 years. The difficulty that designers have with incandescent lights is that they dissipate almost 90% of energy as heat and only 10% is actually used to provide illumination. These bulbs also burn very hot and cannot be used in small tight arrangements, such as in car instrument panels without proper shielding.

Thankfully the modern light has evolved with the introduction of the LED or light emitting diode bulbs that are compact, give off very little heat and do not require heavy gauge wiring to handle the current load. A high percentage of the energy used is given off as light making this technology one of the modern efficient improvements in lighting technology. LEDís are used in many applications, especially in illumination of instrument panels. New techniques are looking at clusters of LEDís to provide brighter light and illumination to work areas.

Another modern invention in the area of lighting technology are the compact fluorescent lights or CFLís. Fluorescent lights have been around for some time, however it is only recently that they have seen CFLís developed to replace incandescent lights in lamps and other applications around the home. CFLís are also very energy efficient and have a much longer lifecycle as well. They generally will save you money over their lifetime and reduce your energy costs.

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Roger Cartwright contributes and publishes news editorial to  Roger recently retired as president of a national lighting distributor. As a self appointed specialist he has been involved in the lighting industry for more than a decade.

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