Illumination Concerns
Illumination Concerns – Add Additional Lighting

Illumination Concerns – Add Additional Lighting

Many consumers find that they have insufficient lighting in portions of their homes and often are irritated as a result. Illumination concerns can begin to be a concern when they get up in the morning when they walk into improperly lit closets to the time they go to bed at night and do not have sufficient lighting to see properly. Consumers are concerned about their eyes and about making mistakes while dressing or cooking. Even the garage commonly suffers from a lack of proper illumination from inadequate bulbs.

Consumers who have an illumination concern have solutions available to them to fix their lighting concerns. There are several choices to consider. First the obvious one is that they can install higher wattage light bulbs in each light socket. The disadvantage of this approach is you still have shadows and many light sockets have a limitation in terms of the bulb wattage you can install in a light socket, due to heat dissipation.

Another approach to sorting out your lighting concerns is to add additional lamp bulbs with a compact fluorescent bulb that not only will add additional light, they will save energy as well since these lights use much less electricity than conventional lights. CFL’s come in all sizes and shapes of lights and they can be used in the majority of lamps and lighting applications around the home. Consumers may even consider not using the larger overhead lights that many homes have in their bedrooms in favour of lamps with compact lights in them to provide illumination at night for reading. Use a good bulb, leave the concern behind.

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