Decorative LED Lights
Decorative LED Lights – Safer, Better, And More Colourful

Decorative LED Lights – Safer, Better, And More Colourful

For many years incandescent decorative lights were used on trees indoors and outdoors to decorate the nations Christmas trees. Coming in a limited number of colours, decorators and homeowners were limited to the number of lights per string and also per electrical outlet due to the high amperage requirements of multiple strings of lights strung together. Incandescent decorative lights utilize 10% of the electrical energy to generate their light and the rest is lost in heat loss. Decorative LED lights are about to revolutionize the Christmas tree lighting industry with the miniature multicolour light bulb that can change colour, have better lighting and provide more illumination.

The decorative LED light bulb (or light emitting diode) draws a fraction of the power that an incandescent light will draw and there is virtually no heat generated in the process of emitting illumination from the light emitting diode. These bulbs are miniature, they are sturdy and these light bulbs have a long lasting lifetime. Get hours of light that will decorate the tree at Christmas time, and other times of the year.

Now you can string multiple strings of lights together to decorate, and use a fraction of the power that was used in the past. They generate no heat and give a safe environment without the threat of fire. Energy conservation is a major attribute of these bulbs with the LED technology. LED technology can be 50 – 70% more efficient than standard incandescent bulbs that have been the normal choice of lighting for decorators at Christmas time for many years. Customers can purchase standard illumination colours of LED’s such as yellow, green, blue, red and white bulbs.

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