Car Light Kits
Car Light Kits – Make a Statement

Car Light Kits – Make a Statement

Since we have been driving cars, drivers have wanted to make a statement with their vehicles. Hot rods, loud exhaust pipes, big tires, fast cars, fancy paint jobs and now Car light kits with neon flashing lights bulbs that augment various parts of the cars body, undercarriage, and frame with a specialty bulb. Lighting has taken an artistic flair that drivers can apply to their cars relatively inexpensively yet make a statement in lights.

Most kits today use a car light kit that consists of LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) or EL (electro-luminescent) technology. Some light kits will also use neon tubes that flash and hi-light various sections of the car. Some of the common lighting is added to cars on the under carriage, that lights from underneath and shines a reflection on the pavement. There are car kit bulbs that will flash and strobe to music as you drive down the road.

There are LED tire lights that are triggered by movement or vibrations and create a strobe ring effect around the wheels. There is also an exhaust kit that lights a constant red to give that hot effect of a glowing red exhaust. There are multiple light colours to choose from, and car drivers can also create their own artistic effect. There are interior lighting kits that car owners can also add that will light up the interior of the car with colour. Drivers can select specific elements of the car such as flashing bulbs around the rear view mirror or a bulb along the seat belts. Imagination is your only limitation!

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