BMW Head Lights
BMW Head Lights – Luxury Plus Design

BMW Head Lights – Luxury Plus Design

BMW is one of the premiere manufacturers that offer luxury cars in the North American market. BMW applies a systems design approach to the entire car including the design and location of the BMW head lights. Lots of power up front, big wheels and lots of power under the hood, and higher, stronger looking grill provides an aggressive looking vehicle that appeals to all luxury drivers everywhere. BMW is making maximum use of the latest head light technology with both halogen and Xenon lights in the front grill.

The latest BMW has four head lights up front and low that provide illumination with new Bi-xenon lights. The outboard lights are Bi-Xenon with high intensity beams. The inside beams are conventional halogen light bulbs providing illumination for high beam applications, surrounded by ring lights that provide the parking light functionality. BMW has included a high pressure cleaning system that cleans each BMW Head Light at the press of a button.

Like many other cars, drivers must be careful replacing the head lights to ensure that the proper lights will be installed in each head light location. Most drivers will have this sort of lighting maintenance completed at their normal auto garage or BMW dealer. This is the safest and least messy approach to lighting. Drivers can usually have light bulb replacement scheduled with other work at the same time. However in case you decide to replace them yourself, it is very important that the halogen lights are placed in their proper slot since these lights run hot when the are providing maximum illumination. The lighting wiring and sockets in the Xenon outside lights will not be designed for the higher temperature halogen lights.

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