Halogen Lighting Systems
Halogen Lighting Systems – Compact Design

Halogen Lighting Systems – Compact Design

Halogen lighting systems designs have improved greatly over the past few years. There are compact deigns that include the light bulb, the transformer and the switch all in one system. These lighting systems have been approved for use in Canada and the United States by the standard rating bodies who are responsible for this sort of thing. Halogen lighting solutions are beginning to appear in many different combinations of light fixtures and lamp designs.

Customers still must be careful of heat dissipation and ensure that nothing flammable gets to near the actual halogen light bulb, however each halogen lighting system has been tested for safety. Halogens are very difficult to place in a situation were you cause a fire or burn yourself on one of the halogens. The halogen lights come in desk top lamp configurations which swing conveniently over your desk without getting in the way.

There are also floor lamps that employ halogen bulbs. Transformers and switches integrate all of these components into a halogen bulbs system that can be free standing and provide lighting for a room or reading area. Floor level bulbs can be placed anywhere in the room were light is required. Customers should always make sure that small children are unable to touch the actual Halogen bulb, since they will be very hot and can cause severe burning.

These halogens have also been integrated into hanging lights and into selected furniture with appropriate covers and protection to manage heat dissipation. Again, keep hands away from the halogen lights until they have adequately cooled.

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