Xenon Headlight Bulbs
Xenon Headlight Bulbs – See Better at Night

Xenon Headlight Bulbs – See Better at Night

Many consumers have difficulty driving at night. The problem is headlights that do not light far enough in front of your car to provide sufficient illumination. Cars equipped with xenon headlight bulbs can increase the distance that is illuminated by your headlights. Xenon bulbs are filled with xenon, gas and they can generally last up to 65% longer, which provides savings in replacement bulb costs over normal halogen lights.

The xenon headlight bulb helps drivers see better and further when they are driving at night. Xenon lights provide more illumination at both high and low beam positions, providing drivers with a greater vision distance. In some measurements that were conducted, drivers could see as much as 60 feet further than with a normal light bulb. Consider it; that 60 feet will provide you with more stopping distance in the event an animal wanders onto the road in front of you. Sixty feet can make a huge difference in terms of stopping distance and reaction time.

Even a few seconds of extra stopping distance can be the difference between hitting an animal caught in the bright headlights of your car and avoiding a collision. If you have ever seen what a dear or a moose can do to a car, you will appreciate that extra little bit of illumination you need to avoid a collision.

Maintenance costs are high for cars and customers will appreciate the longer life of Xenon headlight bulbs since they last longer and do not have to be changed as often. Labour costs to change the lights are much less.

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