Marine Light Bulbs
Marine Light Bulbs Ė Energy Savings

Marine Light Bulbs Ė Energy Savings

Marine boat owners running navigation lights are always concerned about the amount of power that is used by their lights and illumination systems aboard their ocean vessels. Normal running lights require incandescent Marine light bulbs with the appropriate wiring capabilities and storage batteries to run the light bulb when the vessel is running or at rest. Incandescent lights use a lot of energy, particularly when you have to be very careful of every watt of the bulb that is used. Incandescent light bulbs give of approximately 80-90% of their energy in heat and the rest is actually light.

New marine light bulb technology for the boat utilizes LED (light emitting diodes) technology, which is far superior in terms of energy light conversion. LEDís use 80% less energy and are far more efficient at converting the electricity to lighting ocean boat navigation and warning systems. Illumination is measured in lumens, and a low watt LED light can produce as much light as a regular wattage incandescent light bulb with out the heat impacts and wiring requirements. On existing boats, many people will use the same wiring and the LEDís have been designed to fit into the existing housing. You can receive immediate savings in terms of lower energy use and reduction in fuel usage for generating electricity.

Low watt bulbs provide a greater safety factor for lighting on long ocean trips, since that fuel savings may be just what you need to get to the next dock for fuelling. At the same time having proper marine lighting for all marine and ocean situations is important. Increasing usage in LED marine boats and ocean going vessels is providing major savings for many boat owners in lighting. LED lights are long life bulbs, which require less maintenance and provide a longer-term illumination survival safety record than incandescent lights.

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