Energy Efficient Bulbs
Energy Efficient Bulbs Ė Long Lasting

Energy Efficient Bulbs Ė Long Lasting

New generations of LED (light emitting diodes) light bulbs provide increased life cycles, longer lasting and energy reductions in a variety of colours that make them very attractive to many different industries. Energy efficient bulbs developed using LEDís can provide economical light for up to 50 to 100 times longer than the average incandescent light. The savings gained in replacement costs and efficiency to install new lights in many different applications will pay for these new energy efficient lights many times over.

Not only does this energy efficient bulb last longer, they also use much less energy and are more economical. Energy savings come from reduced power consumption and reduced cooling impacts. With upwards of 70% to 90% in savings in power, reduced heat generation and longer lasting lights requiring reduced maintenance, these lights are truly an energy efficient solution to normal incandescent lights that many users have found in their equipment and homes in the past.

Another area of energy savings is the application of LEDís to the automobile industry. LEDís can be used eefficienctly for the dash board light bulb to indicate the status of various instrumentation. With low current, engineers do not need to provide heavier gauge wiring and can also reduce the demand on automobile alternators for energy output to the bulb. Efficient light bulbs make a significant contribution to improved gas mileage and power efficient vehicles.

The airline industry is a huge user of LED energy efficient lights for many applications from lighting in the cockpit to illuminating seat controls for passengers. Imagine the heat and wiring reductions possible with light bulbs that are energy efficient in this industry!

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