Halogen Bulb Risk
Halogen Bulb Risk – Avoid Fire Risks

Halogen Bulb Risk – Avoid Fire Risks

Halogen bulb risks have been documented in many different environments, new stories and articles. These bulbs pose a risk if not used properly and installed under the right conditions to avoid potential fire risk due to high temperatures. Some halogen bulbs will have surface temperatures that can be very hot, in some cases well above the level that will cause paper to burn. Halogen lights are well known to provide superior lighting for focused requirements at high intensity. Halogen light bulbs may not be as well known for the safety concerns they create in various situations.

If you are planning to install a light fixture that accepts halogen bulbs, there are a number of areas to take into consideration. Consumers should evaluate the halogen bulb risks in using them in the particular lighting application and decide if the risk can be reduced in some manner. Almost all halogen lights have a warning about the high temperatures and the possibility of burns while these lights are lit. Consumers should never touch these bulbs until the bulb has cooled sufficiently. Keep all combustible material away from the bulb and lighting fixture.

Of equal concern is the location were you will install halogen lights. These lights must have adequate ventilation to avoid heat build up and the subsequent risk of fire from combustible material near or around the lights. Many fires have also been started due to the inappropriate placement of combustible material such as paper on or near the halogens. Once a fire begins, the risk is much greater that material around it will also catch fire. Some university residences even ban these types of halogen light bulbs.

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