Emergency Light Bulbs
Emergency Light Bulbs Save Lives

Emergency Light Bulbs Save Lives

Have you ever wondered how emergency response crews find a particular house on a street with no street sign and no illumination at night? While we all hope that this situation does not occur often, there are many situations were the street sign is broken or there is no light over the street sign. Emergency light bulbs may be a great solution to this type of situation and make it much easier for emergency response crews to find your home during a crisis and arrive quickly to administer life saving aid.

Some models of lighting that fall into this category are disaster lights that will flash when activated by turning them on and off twice. A flashing emergency light bulb that stands out like a beacon during a crisis or disaster can aid response teams and provide illumination of your home outdoors as well. These lights provide normal lighting similar to all other lights and bulbs with one major difference. These bulbs have a special security feature which will cause the bulb to flash repeatedly attracting the attention of neighbours and fire crews. In situations were someone needs help, this lighting can be a lifesaver.

Another form of light bulb that is useful in an emergency are lights that will turn on in a power failure situation. While some people might not class this situation as a disaster, others fear the dark, and for them, emergency lights providing illumination from a battery backup source is extremely welcome.

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