Innovative Light Bulbs
Innovative Light Bulbs Unique Specialty Items

Innovative Light Bulbs Unique Specialty Items

Competition is a wonderful motivator for manufacturers to develop Innovative Light Bulbs for many different needs and applications. One such area applies to new solutions to providing emergency lights when the power goes off and there is no illumination of rooms in your home. The innovative light bulb is available for customers in their homes to provide the kind of unique emergency power.

Many consumers all over North America have experienced some from of power disruption in the past few years. Unique illumination of flashlight bulbs with rechargeable batteries that are permanently plugged in, and fully charged can be very helpful in lighting a house. Add some new reflective strips to illuminate in the dark and help you find the flashlight to provide light are some of the innovative lighting applications that are available.

Some flashlights will also have a new photo electric bulb that turns on when the lights go out. The bulb will glow in the darkness providing illumination to guide you to them and provide that extra bit of safety when the lights suddenly go out. Children as well as adults can count on these lights being there for them the next time the power goes off and all of the lights fail in your home or office. In fact you may want to have one of these innovative lighting products on every floor in your home.

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Roger Cartwright contributes and publishes news editorial to  Roger recently retired as president of a national lighting distributor. As a self appointed specialist he has been involved in the lighting industry for more than a decade.

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