Xenon Light Bulbs
Xenon Light Bulbs – Extend Their Life

Xenon Light Bulbs – Extend Their Life

There are a number of ways to extend the life of xenon light bulbs and avoid or delay the costly replacement of these bulbs. Various manufacturers are taking different approaches to extending the life cycle of the Xenon Light Bulb. There are new and improved bulbs that are being introduced with the same level of brightness as the old xenon bulbs that will provide lighting for a longer period of time and improve the value to consumers.

There are also devices available on the market that will work separately from the xenon bulbs that will extend the life of these bulbs and still allow them to provide the same level of illumination. One device will reduce the applied voltage to the light bulb by a specific amount using a resistive element. The illumination is not affected when these devices are used and a small reduction in voltage can extend the life of the bulb considerably. This particular device is static and will only reduce the voltage by a specific amount regardless of how the voltage level may change.

Another device limits the voltage to a specified amount and if the voltage is exceeded, the xenon light will be shut off until the voltage drops back to the normal level. Normally voltage swings are very short in duration and the consumer may not even notice that the light is being shut down since it occurs so fast. Illumination is not impacted and the light bulb is protected from the stress of these voltage swings, improving the operating characteristics of the light including extending their working lifecycle. Both devices are available on the market and consumers should review the specifications to ensure they apply to their particular xenon light application.

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