Unusual Light Bulbs
Unusual Light Bulbs Hard to Find

Unusual Light Bulbs Hard to Find

Many consumers need unusual light bulbs from time to time to replace a unusual bulb in an older lamp. Typically these special lamps are family heirlooms or lamps that have been in the family for some time. Other lights have special arrangements and the lighting manufacturer has either gone out of business or they do not manufacture that particular light bulb any longer.

If you are looking for an unusual light bulb, there are various ways for you to find special replacements lights. Lighting stores that specialize in various kinds of lights and illumination may be able to assist you. Always keep the old lgiht bulb to take in to the store to compare to one that you are going to replace it with. Size and wattage is important. The base of the bulb must be the same and usually you must also keep the same level of wattage or not exceed the number of watts that are allowed in the illumination of the lamp. Higher watt bulbs may cause over heating and even fire if you exceed the number of watts allowed in the light.

There are also web sites that may be able to assist you as well. One site lists over 5000 light bulbs that they carry and may be hard to find. You will need your existing light bulb to compare the bulbs they have available to find the right one for your illumination needs. They provide pictures of every bulb with specifications of amperage draw and voltage requirements as well as the price to purchase any of their light bulbs. If you cannot find your unusual light bulb, email the service desk, describe what you are looking for and they may be able to assist you in finding the special lights you need.

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