General Electric Light Bulbs
General Electric Light Bulbs Pure True Light

General Electric Light Bulbs Pure True Light

General Electric is one of the largest companies in the world and one of their divisions manufacturers General Electric Light Bulbs for thousands of products in commercial and residential applications. General Electric is continuously spending many millions of research dollars to improve their bulb products and improve the enjoyment of their lighting.

Many Americans suffer from the lack of light in the winter time, becoming lethargic and depressed. They have to make special efforts to be exposed to light sufficiently to with the right kind of illumination to avoid these symptoms during the long dark winter months. Many of us cocoon in our homes during the colder pars of the winter and this further contributes to our lack of light. A Reveal General Electric light bulb may be a partial solution to your needs for illumination during the winter when we are all exposed to less light.

Reveal light bulbs manufactured by General Electric have an added chemical to the glass. The chemical Neodymium when added to the GE glass causes the light bulb to produce a crisper illumination that has much of the yellow spectrum filtered out that you often find in other light bulbs. Crisper lighting without the yellow tint is easier to work with and many people are finding that they prefer these GE lights in close work situations, compared to the normal incandescent lights.

General Electrics reveal light bulbs are more expensive to manufacturer, however they have managed to bring the cost down for mass-produced lighting packages. Consumers can pick these GE lights up in many stores and can recognize then by their distinctive blue colour that produces a pure white light when lit.

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