Compact Fluorescent Lights
Compact Fluorescent Lights – Where to Use Them

Compact Fluorescent Lights – Where to Use Them

Consumers can maximize the savings they receive when they use compact fluorescent lights in the right locations in their homes. A compact fluorescent light will burn for up to 10,000 hours compared to a standard incandescent light bulb, which will burn for approximately 1000 hours. Savings in energy costs can be higher than 50% and consumers may save as much as $50.00 per fluorescent bulb over the lifetime of the bulb.

When manufacturers calculate these savings, they are making some assumptions about the use of the compact lights and were they will be used for illumination. Compact lights work the best when they are on continuously or lighting for a long time. These lights tend to burn out quickly if they are cycled on and off many times. Illumination with the fluorescent lights in bathrooms, hallways and other rooms were illumination is required on and off throughout the day are not the best application for compact lights.

The best application for fluorescent lights, compact or regular fluorescent lights are in locations were the room lights are left on for a long time. Family rooms are a great example of were you can maximize energy savings charges when you switch from incandescent light bulbs to fluorescent lights. Compact fluorescent bulbs can also be used outside as well provided they meet certain conditions. Many people will leave their lights on all night outside for security purposes. Fluorescent bulbs that are properly protected from the weather will work very well in this environment for many thousands of hours. Note that some lights are not rated for extremely cold temperatures and must also be protected from damp or wet conditions.

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