ENERGY STAR Qualified Lights
ENERGY STAR Qualified Lights – Save Energy Costs

ENERGY STAR Qualified Lights – Save Energy Costs

If every home in America converted to ENERGY STAR qualified lights the savings in electrical charges to the nations consumers would be truly phenomenal. Each ENERGY STAR qualified light bulb can reduce the amount of coal needed to generate electricity by an astounding 445 pounds of coal over their lifetime. These quality compact fluorescent light bulbs produced and sold by ENERGY STAR can save homeowners money by simply using less energy.

There are two energy measurements that are used to measure lights that are sold in our homes. Most consumers normally are familiar with the term “watts” and this is how most incandescent lights are measured. The standard light bulb for many homes is the 60-watt light bulb. When you purchase a compact fluorescent light bulb, you will want to also look at the light output. Normally a quality standard 60 watt light bulb will output 800 lumens of light. You will also want to purchase a CFL that also outputs 800 limens of light. The surprise will be that the number of watts used by an ENERGY STAR CFL that outputs 800 lumens of light. The CFL will use far less watts to produce the same lighting.

ENERGY STAR Light bulbs will last longer, and if you have any doubt about your savings, read the packaging that reviews the savings you can expect when you switch to CFL’s. Most homes will have over 50 light bulbs approximately. If you convert all of these incandescent lights to certified CFL ENERGY STAR bulbs, you will save over twenty-two tons of coal over their lifetime! The reduction in your lighting electrical bill will be equally astounding! Actual savings in energy costs will depend on the number of certified CFL bulbs that you install and your monthly usage.

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Roger Cartwright contributes and publishes news editorial to  Roger recently retired as president of a national lighting distributor. As a self appointed specialist he has been involved in the lighting industry for more than a decade.

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