Efficient Light Bulbs
Efficient Light Bulbs – Holiday Lighting

Efficient Light Bulbs – Holiday Lighting

Energy Efficient Light Bulbs can be a great way to economically decorate your home at Christmas time and be economical at the same time. LED (light emitting diode) lights and fibre optic artificial trees have been recently introduced to the consumer. These lights are energy efficient, easy to install and easily replaced if a LED burns out or the single bulb that lights the fibres burns out.

That’s right, a single bulb is all you have to replace and you cannot find a more economical or efficient light bulb than that when you only have to replace a single bulb for your entire Christmas LED tree. These types of trees will use a single light bulb with various wattages, usually no more than 50 watts to provide illumination to the entire tree. Fibre optic strands are placed throughout the tree to provide illumination throughout the tree and just one light will provide light to be emitted along many branches of the tree.

LED lights are another new addition to the Christmas holiday lighting that you can add to your home. They are economical, easy to install and save you energy as well. These lights can be up to 100 times more efficient and they have a longer illumination span. Consumers do not have to spend any more of those frustrating hours figuring out which light has burnt out in a string of lights. The LED that burns out is readily identified, the remaining lights continue to work and you simply replace the burned out light. Not only do they last longer, they are more sturdy and can withstand the shocks that inevitably occur as you decorate your home or put the lights away until the next Christmas season.

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