Holiday Lighting Tips
Holiday Lighting Tips – Set the Mood for Entertaining

Holiday Lighting Tips – Set the Mood for Entertaining

Many people believe that part of creating the right mood at Christmas is adding just the right lighting in your home to create an environment that will enhance your home and add a festive feel to your home and add Christmas cheer. There are a number of Holiday Lightning Tips that many homeowners can easily follow by adding lights and coloured bulbs to their homes which will bring that festive feeling and will not cost you too much either.

The first holiday lighting tip, plan to create a theme with your lights. Select a theme that is easily accomplished with lighting that also enhances your home and takes advantage of the natural flow of your home. Add lights to corners, enhance areas of your home that normally are in dark areas. Keep the light bulb in the same color scheme if you are going to use colored bulbs.

Another tip for Christmas lighting is to change some of the bulbs to enhance lighting in specific areas of the home. You can use various colours and accent specific portions of your home with different coloured lights. Just change your existing light bulb with coloured lights.

Continuing with your theme for the Christmas holidays, place colourful fruit or berries in selected areas of your home. Tip: Both the location you select and the Christmas colours should compliment your coloured lighting that you have chosen.

Flashes of silver, reflected light, greeting cards, and coloured ornaments all placed at strategic locations can also contribute to adding that festive holiday Christmas feeling to your home when they catch the light from bulbs.

Don’t forget the outside. Replace a normal bulb with a colored bulb. Coloured lights on your home and in the trees surrounding your home can add a tasteful entrance and create a first impression that brings a festive feeling to anyone visiting your home during the Christmas season.

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