Energy Star Fluorescent Bulbs
Energy Star Fluorescent Bulbs Big Savings

Energy Star Fluorescent Bulbs Big Savings

Energy Star Fluorescent Bulbs can have a huge impact on the energy requirements of most states, while saving energy costs for consumers, and reducing the number of power plants that will be required to provide electricity. It may not seem like much when you purchase one compact fluorescent energy star light bulb, however if you multiplied the savings times the number of lights in your state or even a whole region such as the Northwest, the savings can truly be significant.

An initiative partially sponsored by Northwest Energy Efficiency alliance and local retailers lead to a $6 coupon for consumers when they purchased an energy star fluorescent bulb for their home. Once customers understand the savings they receive in using fluorescents that use less electrical energy, they will begin to purchase these compact fluorescents bulbs for their light fixtures even with out the coupon, saving them and the state even more money for other uses.

Once retailers such as Home Depot and others came on board, educating their sales staff about the benefits of fluorescents and Energy Star CF lights, sales really took off. So much so that Northwest Energy believes that they will be able to delay the construction of two power plants by several years. This means major savings for Northwest Energy and their customers, since construction can be delayed and the impact on the environment is greatly reduced.

Consumers benefit in several ways. When they switch to fluorescent bulbs to use in their lights, they are saving money on their monthly electrical bills, they save money on the light long term power requirements in the state and they make a positive contribution to the environment. If you are concerned about recycling these products, please note that Northwest energy is working to develop a recycling program to ensure that the compact fluorescent light bulbs are disposed of properly.

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