Fluorescent Light Bulbs
Fluorescent Light Bulbs – Save Money

Fluorescent Light Bulbs – Save Money

Fluorescent light bulbs have improved significantly over the past few years, so much so that you can usually find a fluorescent light bulb for most applications, including indoor lights and outdoor illumination.

At one time the only bulb you could find for fluorescent lights were the long tubes that were available for illumination in overhead light situations. These fluorescents were usually 24 inches, 36 inches or 48 inches long and there were none that would fit into the standard lamp on your side table or on your office desk.

Today, consumers can take advantage of the savings in energy and longer lasting life of fluorescent lights by installing compact fluorescents in these same light fixtures that you previously could only install incandescent lights. Incandescent lights give off a lot of heat; in fact the majority of the energy used is given off in heat and not light. Fluorescent lights are exactly the opposite, providing significantly more illumination than incandescent while using much less energy. The fluorescent bulb also lasts much longer than incandescent bulbs. Compact fluorescent lights can last up to 10,000 hours compared to the average of 1000 hours for regular bulbs.

Consumers can save energy by using less electricity to provide light, and generate less heat in the summer that you have to cool with air conditioning. Most packaging of fluorescent lights will explain the savings you can expect when you install compact fluorescent lights compared to incandescent lights. Manufacturers will include the cost of the compact fluorescents, which are usually more expensive than regular incandescent bulbs to purchase; however they will save you money over their lifetime. They can be installed almost anywhere and save you money as well.

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