Energy Efficient Bulbs
Energy Efficient Bulbs – Help the Environment

Energy Efficient Bulbs – Help the Environment

Consumers can help the environment, save energy and save themselves money as well by using energy efficient bulbs in their homes and offices. The EPA in the United States is sponsoring a program to persuade power consumers to change the incandescent bulbs they typically use today to more effective and better energy-saving fluorescent bulbs in their homes and offices.

The fluorescent light is an energy efficient bulb that will typically have a 6000 hour rating and will save consumers as much as 75% in electricity and energy costs. These economical bulbs are more expensive to purchase initially, however due to their long lasting capabilities and effective low-energy use ratings, they will quickly provide a payback for the initial cost of the bulb in the difference of your electricity bill. Most manufacturers include economical information with each package advising the consumer of how much money they can save over the life of the bulb.

Did you know that the typical incandescent bulb converts the majority of electricity to heat, while fluorescent bulbs are far more efficient? Many fluorescent bulbs will deliver up to 60 to 70% of the electrical energy as light, providing a huge savings in energy for each light bulb. The savings in energy translate directly into power savings and improved impacts on our environment as well.

In addition to the energy savings that you will receive from using these more efficient bulbs, many manufacturers are providing special offers and rebates that consumers can take advantage of. These incentives make these bulbs even more economical and effective. Retailers sometimes will give you an in store rebate when you check out, while other manufacturers require you to send in a copy of the UPC code and the retail sales slip. In a few weeks you will receive your rebate from the manufacturer.

Using a bulb that saves electricity and power is not only economical, it's healthy. By using less power, our environment will stay beautiful for years to come.

Author Notes:

Roger Cartwright contributes and publishes news editorial to  Roger recently retired as VP of a national lighting distributor. As a specialist he has been involved in the lighting industry for 10 years.

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