LED Car Lights
LED Car Lights - Savings and Safety Advantages

LED Car Lights - Savings and Safety Advantages

The introduction of the LED has changed many standard incandescent standard installations in many industries. The auto industry is no different and LED car lights are finding their way into more and more areas of your vehicle. Some of the savings are obvious, while others have far great impact when car manufacturers judiciously use LEDís in various areas of the car.

The LED car light uses less energy, burns cooler and is smaller making them easier to place in various locations in automobiles. The savings are numerous for automobile manufacturers and consumers. LED lights use less energy, reducing power consumption, require lighter gauge wire and reduced out put from the cars alternator. As the diodes require less energy, reduced electrical power consumption improves gasoline ratings for automobiles and saves money for consumers.

LEDís provide a number of improved safety advantages when used in cars and automobiles. These light emitting diodes generate very low heat output, which means they can be placed in smaller areas without concern for automobile heat and fire damage. The LED also will also be visible since they turned on faster than the standard incandescent bulb. If LEDís are used in the turn indicator taillights of cars, the faster turn on can provide following automobile drivers with earlier warning of an impending traffic change. Savings in reduce accidents and collateral damage can be significant.

Automobiles travelling at highway speeds can have as much as 18 to 22 feet of extra travelling time for taillights using light emitting diodes because they turn on faster than normal light bulbs. While this extra warning does not seem like much, it could mean the difference between avoiding an accident and the subsequent damage!

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