Motorcycle Light Bulbs
Motorcycle Light Bulbs – Dress Up Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle Light Bulbs – Dress Up Your Motorcycle

Motorcycle enthusiasts can dress up their motorcycles and increase their safety at the same time by adding motorcycle light bulbs to various locations on their motorbikes.

You have probably seen this type of illumination on cars and trucks, well now there are motorcycle light bulb products that you can also install on your motorcycle to dress it up and to add illumination. Add lights to your handlebars, your license plate or to the back of the safety bar on your motorbike. The lights are easy to install or you can have a mechanic install the illumination lights for you.

The bulbs use the electrical system from the motorcycle and are always on when you are running your lights or you can wire them so they only come on with your other riding lights. They connect to the existing 12-volt system and usually draw little current, however you should verify the power draw before installation. When you are installing your lights, make sure that all wires and connections are protected from chaffing and accidental grounding of a hot wire to the rest of the frame of the motorbike. This can cause a short circuit and blow a fuse or worse cause a fire.

The additional lighting illumination dress up motorbikes and also provides you with additional safety as well with the additional lights on your bike. Now other riders and drivers will be able to see your motorbike more easily. While some riders may be concerned about changing the streamlined nature of their prized motorcycles, others will add these low wattage bulbs simply to add to the beauty of their motorbikes.

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