Christmas Tree Lights
Christmas Tree Lights Safety and Fire Hazards

Christmas Tree Lights Safety and Fire Hazards

The majority of people in North America will put up Christmas tree lights during the holiday season. Unfortunatly, many do not give any thought to the potential hazard that these lights represent if they are not maintained and used in a safe manner.

A good time to check your Christmas tree light strings is just before you install them on your tree in your home or on the outside of your house in the fall. There are a series of easy steps that every consumer should take to reduce the risk of fire in their homes and avoid any potentially dangerous situations with their x-mas trees.

Improper light strings or bulbs can cause unsafe heating, or worse, fire! Following the easy steps below will help to ensure that you have a safe and happy Christmas holiday season.

Safety Checks for Christmas Lights

  • Replace lights were the glass separates from the base of the bulb
  • Clip any protruding wires from the base of the bulb
  • Avoid using bulbs with excessive solder on the base of the bulb
  • Check each light socket to make sure that the connections are properly located
  • Only replace defective bulbs with the same voltage level of bulb
  • Replace defective bulbs immediately
  • Follow the manufacturers guidelines for using the bulbs
  • Never use Christmas lights on metallic x-mas trees
  • Test the lights on a non flammable surface prior to installing on your house or tree
  • Check all x-mas light bulb sockets for any damage and replace the string if you find cracks or other damage

Remember to unplug any trees before going to bed, and to have a safe and happy Christmas season!

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