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Local Builder Wins National Energy Efficiency Award

Local Builder Wins National Energy Efficiency Award

R-valued Homes, LTD of Wasilla, Ak., has been recognized by the NAHB Research Center as a leader in energy-efficient home building and environmentally-conscious business practices. As a 2004 Gold Winner of the EnergyValue Housing Award in the custom home/cold climate category, R-valued Homes, LTD Homes has demonstrated a commitment to building energy-efficient homes.

The EVHA honors builders who voluntarily integrate energy efficiency into the design, construction, and marketing of new homes. It also educates the building industry and the public about successful approaches to energy-efficient construction.

According to Michael Luzier, president of the NAHB Research Center, Companies like R-valued Homes, LTD are leading the way for home builders toward more energy-efficient construction and environmentally-responsible business practices. Every day they prove the value of energy efficiency to home builders, home buyers, and others in the new home construction market.

R-valued Homes, LTD has been in business for five years, and constructs two homes per year. Their award-winning 2,700 square-foot home features R-28 structural insulated panel walls; low-e, gas-filled, triple-pane windows; a 96 percent efficient natural gas boiler for space and water heating; a heat recovery ventilator; ENERGYSTAR appliances; and a lighting package that includes 100 percent halogen and fluorescent bulbs.

In a climate where heating is used year-round, the home's average monthly heating bill is $32.00. The EVHA judges noted that R-valued Homes, LTD built an incredible home that has amazing utility bills. The judges described the company as innovative, practical, and experienced.

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