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San Francisco residents eligible to exchange dangerous energy-guzzling lamps for energy efficient models

San Francisco residents eligible to exchange dangerous energy-guzzling lamps for energy efficient models

As part of a $16.3 million program designed to reduce energy demand in San Francisco, Pacific Gas and Electric Company and San Francisco Environment have teamed up to offer a multitude of energy saving incentives and rebates for residents.

The latest offer is a torchiere light exchange whereby residents can receive free energy efficient torchiere lamps for each functioning 300-watt (or greater) halogen torchiere they turn-in. Limit is four per household.

San Francisco residents will receive an ENERGY STAR torchiere lamp during the light exchange Saturday, January 17 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Bayview Opera House. These efficient lamps use up to 75 percent less energy and are much safer than the halogen bulbs that operate at dangerously high temperatures.

The old halogen lamps burn at temperatures between 700-1100 degrees while the new ENERGY STAR models operate at only 100-200 degrees. The efficient lamp can also mean a savings of up to $250 over the life of the bulb.

Saving money and energy is the main emphasis of the San Francisco Peak Energy Pilot Program. The program is designed to increase electric reliability by reducing peak energy demand in San Francisco by 16 megawatts in 2005.

SFPEP was launched in December 2003 with a holiday light exchange offer for residents to receive new strands of highly energy-efficient holiday lights after trading in strands of traditional incandescent holiday bulbs.

The program's ultimate goal is to reduce electric demand during both the peak summer air conditioning and winter heating seasons. Implementation of the project will include nine energy efficient program elements aimed at reducing usage in San Francisco by 16 megawatts in 2005 to assist in the closure of Hunters Point Power Plant.

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