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Project blue light bulbs announced

Project blue light bulbs announced

Project Blue Light is observed nationally every year to serve as a memorial to fallen law enforcement officers. In light of recent events, this campaign has taken on an even greater importance. Therefore, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office is encouraging the community to do all it can to support this worthy project. Project Blue Light asks communities to display blue lights throughout the month of December to acknowledge and show their respect for those whose lives have been lost in the line of duty. By participating in this annual campaign, communities are able to show their appreciation and provide encouragement to the dedicated men and women who patrol the streets every day.

Community residents can participate by displaying blue lights in windows, on a holiday tree, or by using a blue porch light during the month of December. The business community can show their support by using an occasional blue light over a business entrance, in a string of exterior lights, or by placing a poster in their window. Local town and city governments are also encouraged to place a blue light atop a tree during an annual tree lighting ceremony.

Throughout the county, several businesses have committed to support Project Blue Light by stocking blue light bulbs and strings of blue lights for residents to purchase.

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