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Innovative wholesale light bulbs new home safety product now available - The Emergency Beacon

Innovative wholesale light bulbs new home safety product now available - The Emergency Beacon

The Emergency Beacon Light Bulb, which fits in your porch light and acts like a normal bulb until activated for an emergecy whereupon it flashes. Is now available from Safety Think Inc. at www.safetythink.com.

The Emergency Beacon light bulb, an innovative new home safety product, is now available to interested consumers, businesses and public service organizations via Safety Think Inc., a Hudson, Ohio based safety products distributor. Designed to fit in a regular light bulb socket, the Emergency Beacon is a 60-watt bulb that functions normally until activated, when it instantly becomes a flashing signal for help. When used in place of a regular porch light (or other visible fixture) the bulb can alert neighbors of trouble and assist safety forces in finding homes more quickly and easily.

"The Emergency Beacon bulb is recognized by various citizen and crime watch agencies around the country as an innovative and practical public safety product," says David Rickey, vice president of Safety Think. "As such, it's been used as a fundraiser for many worthwhile organizations, sold by businesses and distributed by various electric companies and other groups as a public service. Interested organizations are encouraged to contact us for bulk pricing, but consumers can also purchase the bulb directly via our web site (www.safetythink.com)."

The Emergency Beacon requires no special tools or installation. It's activated simply by switching your light on and off twice and is deactivated by turning the light off for ten seconds. The bulb is guaranteed to last 2000 hours, which is twice as long as a regular 60-watt light bulb.

Success stories have already resulted with the bulb assisting various agencies in Ohio and across the country in finding homes more quickly. In addition it's been reported that the Beacon helped a senior citizen in Maine to attract his neighbor's attention after he fell down the stairs and was unable to get back up. Safety crews credited the bulb with saving the man's life.

Across the country, the Emergency Beacon has been used and recommended by neighborhood block watch and senior citizen programs as an easy to spot signal. The bulbs are extremely bright and can be seen as far as 1.5 miles away.

Available for $9.95 from Safety Think Inc. at www.safetythink.com, the bulbs are also available wholesale to electric companies, businesses and nonprofit organizations. Interested groups should call Safety Think at 330-655-6019 or email them at emergencybeacon@safetythink.com.

Safety Think was founded by two firefighters/fire safety inspectors and specializes in distributing home and business safety products.

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