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New survey shows inadequate light a source of daily annoyances and embarrassing fashion faux pas and provides information on light bulbs

New survey shows inadequate light a source of daily annoyances and embarrassing fashion faux pas and provides information on light bulbs

When it comes to their homes, consumers have some definite pet peeves, many of which are a result of poor quality or limited lighting. According to a recent GE Lighting Reveal™ Survey*, those queried have lighting concerns ranging from bedrooms too dark for reading, to difficulty seeing to cut or chop food in the kitchen, to leaving home wearing mismatched clothing.

Closets Top The List

Cluttered toys and dust bunnies are not the biggest worries for today’s consumer. According to the survey, unsatisfactory closets top the log of household annoyances – and inadequate lighting in their closets is resulting in embarrassing fashion situations. In fact, more than 60 percent indicated that they find it difficult to distinguish between black and navy clothes due to insufficient lighting in the closet. And, of those Americans who walk out of the home wearing mismatched socks, 86 percent say poor lighting is to blame.

To that end, nearly 90 percent of women and more than 80 percent of men say they would like a “closet makeover,” with 84 percent saying they find the idea of a brighter, more space-efficient closet appealing.

"Sometimes people do not realize how valuable proper lighting can be for different areas of their home,” says Mary Beth Gotti, manager of GE’s Lighting Institute. “Now more than ever, it’s easy to make a room and the items it contains – even a space as small as a closet appear more vivid and vibrant in color with a simple change of light bulb."

The GE Reveal™ light bulb filters out yellow rays common in ordinary light bulbs, providing truer, purer, crisper light for the home. In focus group research, consumers preferred GE Reveal bulbs, citing the “crisper” nature of the light, making it ideal for overall room lighting and spaces like closets where it is important to be able to discern between colors and fabrics. In fact, Reveal bulbs makes colors “pop” in way they don’t with ordinary light bulbs.

What’s Cookin’?

It may be difficult to tell what’s cooking in our kitchens, according to those surveyed, who say they don’t have enough light in their kitchens. Along with lack of counter or cupboard space (70 percent), inadequate kitchen lighting (34 percent) scores high on the list of top kitchen vexations. Consumers say insufficient lighting in the kitchen can be the cause of numerous issues such as hassles in reading recipes, difficulty seeing to chop or cut food, and overall food discoloration.

Simple Solution To A Dark Problem

One out of two people surveyed said one of their greatest household grievances is the lack of lighting. Sixty percent also acknowledge – at least when it comes to the bedroom – one of the simplest ways to update or create a new look is to add attractive new lighting.

“We’re seeing a surge of stylish lamps – both modern and retro – dominating the market, and when used in a variety of styles, colors and designs, they can help consumers bring a needed element of harmony to their homes,” adds Gotti.

One of the General Electric Company’s (NYSE:GE) major businesses, GE Lighting is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio. A leader in lighting technology, manufacturing and marketing in the global lighting industry, GE Lighting has operations in North America, South America, Europe and Asia. Today, the company manufactures approximately 7,000 various lamp products for commercial, industrial and consumer markets.

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