Low Voltage Halogen Lights
Pole for low voltage halogen lights

Pole for low voltage halogen lights

The outstanding features of the new Wieland mini compact connector system gesis ST16/2 pole are functional safety, reliability and easy installation, especially at limited space.

gesis ST 16/2 pole was created for the connection of low voltage halogen lights and guarantees a comfortable installation despite its small, compact and flat design. Especially for difficult applications not easy to reach, e.g. the wiring behind mirrors or generally behind or in furniture, the gesis ST16/2 pole connector system with its flat and space saving design is the rapidly pluggable solution which makes life easier to the user.

The combination between male and female connector and a connector element reduces the handling of the gesis ST16 system to a minimum of basic elements. The mechanical coding of its connector elements guarantees an overall safety against wrong plugging. The rated voltage is 48V, it can handle high currents of 25A. The rated cross section is 2.5 mm˛ fine stranded wire.

Like all the other Wieland cable connector systems the gesis ST16/2 pole connector is available in screw version and also with prefabricated cables in different lengths. Furthermore one can achieve an orderly cable management by means of a pluggable distribution block with 1 entry and 5 exits despite the limited space. The cost and time saving installation is a further stringent argument for the use of this low cost connector system gesis ST16/2 pole.

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