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Osram halogen uses DRTV to illuminate new automotive lighting campaign

Osram halogen uses DRTV to illuminate new automotive lighting campaign

In a marketing first for the world's largest manufacturer of automotive light sources, OSRAM SYLVANIA has just announced the company's first- ever DRTV effort to support its SilverStar® line of automotive aftermarket lighting applications.

The SilverStar line is now available at most major automotive retailers across the country. The move to DRTV marks the beginning of a new business model for OSRAM SYLVANIA, adding a B-to-C component to their traditional B-to-B structure.

"No one has ever marketed automotive lighting applications using DRTV before," said Kate Cleveland, the Automotive Group's Marketing Communications Manager and project leader of the DRTV effort. "We have a large aftermarket distribution network already established, so a major objective of our direct response campaign is to drive retail sales."

The OSRAM SYLVANIA Automotive Group, which is located in Hillsboro, NH, has for many years manufactured and marketed a full line of automotive aftermarket lighting products. The SilverStar brand, which was introduced a year ago, is a direct replacement halogen light source that provides the whiter, brighter look of more expensive High Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting as seen on select high-end luxury cars such as BMW, Audi or Lexus, at a fraction of the price.

SilverStar is the brightest 100% street legal halogen lighting on the road and provides the whiteness of HID. Its 4000 Kelvin color temperature is significantly higher than standard halogen lighting. "An HID lighting system would cost in the neighborhood of $700 or so," said Cleveland. "Our direct response price is $49.88 for a set of two lights, with a second set at half price. There is real value here."

Fulfillment for the DRTV effort will be provided by Moulton Logistics of Van Nuys, CA. OSRAM SYLVANIA Automotive Group representatives met with Moulton at the recent ERA show in Las Vegas and were impressed with Moulton's management team and systems.

"In order to protect the Sylvania brand, we need to be very careful in selecting our partners," said Cleveland. "Since both we and Moulton are ISO certified, we know how disciplined Moulton must be to conform to ISO guidelines, and so we were quite comfortable making the commitment to Moulton even though we're on opposite sides of the country."

The agency for the OSRAM SYLVANIA Automotive Group is A. Eicoff & Co. of Chicago, a division of Ogilvy and Mather. A. Eicoff & Co. is responsible for both production and media for both the test and rollout. Target audience is males, 18-35, with a secondary audience of males and females 35-55. A Eicoff& Co. has just completed production of one and two minute DRTV spots with the theme, "The look of HID but not the price."

"The spots will be tested for two weeks in February, with a rollout as soon as possible," said Cleveland. "We want to catch the tail end of the September through March lighting season."

About OSRAM SYLVANIA. Headquartered in Hillsboro, New Hampshire, the combined global automotive lighting businesses of OSRAM SYLVANIA and OSRAM GmbH, are the world's largest manufacturer of automotive light sources, with nearly a third of the global market and are part of the Siemens family of companies.

About Moulton Logistics. One of the country's leading fulfillment resources, Moulton Logistics is an ISO 9000-certified, 34-year old fulfillment company serving numerous clients in all areas of direct marketing, including DRTV, shopping channels, retail distribution, continuity programs, literature fulfillment and call center services. It operates from two facilities totaling 200,000 square feet in Van Nuys, California. More information about Moulton Logistics can be found at www.moultonlogistics.com.

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