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Technology for outdoor visibility in all types of light bulbs available

Technology for outdoor visibility in all types of light bulbs available

ACME is introducing a new proprietary LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology, the Transflective Technology of using optical LCD modification processes. This technology enhances LCD brightness that enables the LCD to be viewable in all lighting conditions even under direct sunlight. With this technology, the LCD can be modified and used in many applications that require outdoor usages.

Our regular LCD is referred as the reflective type, where ambient light is used to illuminate the screen. However, the Transflective LCD is a combination of reflective and transmissive types, in which the rear polarizer has partial reflectivity. The LCD is combined with the backlight designed to be used in all types of lighting environments. For outdoor uses, the backlight remains off to conserve power consumption; in darker environments, the backlight will be turned back on to become a bright LCD screen. Transflective LCDs will not 'wash out' when operate under direct sunlight.

Why Transflective Technology? Contrast to the current high brightness LCDs that offer high brightness displays to meet market demands, the Transflective technology is a revolutionary distinctive improvement in LCD screens to be sunlight readable. Although many high bright LCDs currently fulfill the market needs, the display has many disadvantages such as adding extra light bulbs, increasing the thickness of LCD chassis, and shortening LCD lifespan. The Transflective technology not only eliminates all weakness from the existing high-bright LCDs, but also adds more advantages.

'The new Transflective Technology will become the best combination with the company's rugged product line in the year 2003. This latest technology will soon replace the existing high-bright LCD displays because it produces the same effect that allows the screen to be sunlight readable at a lower cost,' says Jimmy Chang, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at ACME Portable Machines.

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