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Lighting up ‘time’ with cheap light bulbs at the Leeds CASPAR

Lighting up ‘time’ with cheap light bulbs at the Leeds CASPAR

It lights up the building, it’s colourful, it tells the time, it’s fun - and it’s art!

The innovative CASPAR apartments in central Leeds will this week become a landmark by night as well as during the day, with the help of an unusual fibre optic ‘lighthouse’ on top of the building. Shining out from the newly-opened, semi-circular block, built by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to attract middle-income, single people to the city centre, the ‘beacon’ artwork transforms the upper gallery of the building into a light sculpture you can set your watch by.

The band of light has been designed to change colour on the hour, every hour. But at two minutes before each hour, passers-by will witness a pyrotechnic shimmer as the system passes rapidly through its six-colour spectrum. The lighting system, with this unique ‘visual chime’ was designed by Birmingham-based artists Mark Renn and Mick Thacker, in collaboration with Giles Barratt of specialist fibre-optic company Fibrelight based in Stoke on Trent.

Mark Renn said: “Recent developments in fibre-optic have made this exciting scheme possible. Using only five light bulbs, we have been able create an impressive new night-time feature in the cityscape; a feature which is both safe and cheap to maintain. To the best of our knowledge, the Caspar scheme is the most ambitious exterior fibre-optic lighting scheme in the UK.”

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