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Enhance your yard with natural gas lighting and patio heaters- added bonus: gas outdoor light bulbs don't attract insects

Enhance your yard with natural gas lighting and patio heaters- added bonus: gas outdoor light bulbs don't attract insects

Whether it's a family cookout or a party under the stars, the warmer months of the year bring many opportunities for enjoying the outdoors.

Outdoor Lighting

Natural gas outdoor lamps add charm, tradition and value to any home or landscape. The partnership of gas lights and gardens creates a warm and romantic ambiance as well as a practical accent to any property.

Natural gas lighting is also efficient and cost-effective. Options range from lampposts to wall-mounted styles and provide a soft glow, much like a 40-watt light bulb.

Another advantage is that natural gas lamps are unaffected by power outages. Your home remains securely lit while your neighbors' yards may still be dark.

A little-known phenomenon is natural gas lamps never attract insects. They are a perfect solution for a family who spends many summer evenings outdoors, or for any outdoor event where insects are a problem and yellow "insect repelling" light bulbs are undesirable. With Georgia's recent mild winter, mosquitoes and other flying insects may be an issue this summer.

You can add to the effect with citronella candles and garden containers of lemon grass, scented geranium and lavender for beautiful, natural insect deterrents.

Pool and Patio Heaters

As luxurious home amenities like decorative patios, pools and spas become more popular, natural gas heaters can make outdoor recreation possible during any season.

For cool, pre-summer nights, it is easy to heat outdoor areas with patio heaters. Available styles are freestanding, wall-mounted, hanging or portable units, and provide warmth for even the most exposed patio or terrace. The devices also are equipped with safety shutoff control valves.

Swimming pool heaters keep water at a consistent temperature while spa heaters bring water to warm temperatures much faster than electric models. The heaters come with accurate controls that keep water consistently within ten degrees of the temperature you choose, regardless of weather conditions.

About Atlanta Gas Light Company

Atlanta Gas Light Company, a wholly owned subsidiary of AGL Resources Inc. (NYSE: ATG), is the largest natural gas distributor in the Southeast and provides delivery service to more than 1.5 million customers in Georgia. In operation since 1856, the company is one of the oldest corporations in the state.

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