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Sylvania introduces new par halogen bulbs line

Sylvania introduces new par halogen bulbs line

OSRAM SYLVANIA introduced a host of new products, programs and ideas at this summer's Hardware Show here. Among them – the company is promoting the concept of landscape lighting in response to the overwhelming surge in gardening – now America's No. 1 hobby. Garden lighting uses a combination of traditional lighting-design techniques – from theatrical "uplighting" to subtle "grazing" and overhead splashes of light – to capture the natural beauty of home and garden.

"Consumers have begun looking at the garden and patio as an extension of their living space – as another room in the house," says Denise Champagne, manager of marketing communications for OSRAM SYLVANIA. "Consumers can choose from a wide range of products and possibilities to create drama and excitement, increase safety and security, and possibly add value to their gardens and property."

The landscape lighting product family leverages all categories of lighting, from general purpose directional, to decorative and specialty. Products include: DOUBLE LIFE Crystal Décor, Halogen Crystal®, Halogen Low-voltage Bi-Pin, Halogen Double-ended, Halogen Low-voltage MR16, Halogen XTRA™ 60/120-watt PAR38 Floods and Spots, Soft White DULUXÒ EL Compact Fluorescent.

Free Lighting tips Literature for inside and outside your home

Also available is a new release from OSRAM SYLVANIA, the "Guide to Entertaining with Light," the third in a series of booklets developed to educate consumers about the beauty and fundamentals of lighting. The latest guide joins the frequently requested "A Guide to Outdoor Lighting," which focuses on "landscaping with light" in lawns and gardens, and "A Guide to Lighting," – a resource for designing with light. All three booklets are available free by calling 1-800-544-4828.

Energy-Saving soft white compact fluorescent line is expanded

OSRAM SYLVANIA is turning "fluorescent" into a household word. The new shapes of its soft white DULUX® compact fluorescent lamps mean more energy-efficient lighting options for consumers – without the flicker or harsh color of yesterday's fluorescent technology. New additions to the SYLVANIA DULUX® EL family include the 13-watt DULUX EL Globe and Bullet - energy-efficient, decorative choices for homeowners. DULUX EL CIRCLINE™, available in 30 and 20 watts, saves about 70 to 75 percent more energy than ordinary incandescent bulbs. All SYLVANIA DULUX EL products earn the Energy Star label.

Energy Star labeling, a program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency, identifies products that provide consumers with high-quality, energy-efficient light.

"We have strategically designed our compact fluorescents to give the consumer every option to save energy – and money," said Rich Rattray, product manager for OSRAM SYLVANIA's compact fluorescent line. "These new shapes and wattages fit in more applications, such as table lamps and outdoor fixtures, and are pleasant, long-lasting and flicker-free."

Now, even more choices for Decorative lighting

OSRAM SYLVANIA has expanded its Decorative Lighting product line to allow consumers a wider range of lighting options when improving or enhancing home décor. By adding more choices to the Classic B10 and globe product lines, consumers can now find a SYLVANIA lighting solution for any area in the home – from the bathroom vanity to the dining room table.

(NEW) Frosted B10 – A new addition to the Classic décor line, which currently includes white and clear lamps, the Frosted B10 expands consumers' creative choices and provides another replacement option. The soft light from the new B10 décor lamps can provide a touch of elegance to a variety of room environments. Available in 25–, 40- and 60-watt blister 2-packs.

(NEW) G16.5 Globe with Medium Base – Already extremely popular, the white and clear G16.5 globes are now available with a medium base to provide consumers with increased choices when lighting vanity strips and pendant fixtures. Clear bulbs provide sparkling brightness, while soft white bulbs offer reduced glare and softer white light. Available in 25-, 40- and 60-watt 2-packs.

Fan-light family grows for added consumer optionsOSRAM SYLVANIA also has expanded fan bulb family to include the Soft White and DOUBLE LIFE clear fan lights. The complete family has been broken into two tiers – Classic and Value-added – to help avoid confusion and make it even easier for consumers to design their homes with light.

SYLVANIA fan lighting products span a variety of lighting categories and include: Classic Products – These higher-quality SYLVANIA products satisfy most consumers' basic lighting needs and include:

(NEW) Soft White – An alternative to the clear glass A15 fan light, these lamps are extremely vibration-resistant. The A-Line-shaped fan bulbs have a reinforced filament, making them especially well-suited for fan use. Available in a medium-base, 60-watt 2-pack.

A15 – Extremely vibration-resistant, the clear, A-line-shaped fan bulbs are available in medium-base 2-packs of 40 and 60 watts and a single 40-watt pack.

B10 – These classic, decorative bulbs will add just the right touch of warmth and elegance to any room's décor. Available in clear with a medium base in 40 and 60 watts.

Crystal Décor B10 - Consumers looking to add some extra sparkle to their indoor ambience can opt for the 40-watt Crystal fan bulb. The faceted design creates a dazzling effect, perfect for any room in the home. Available with a medium base.

Value-added Products – Value-added DOUBLE LIFE bulbs are both beautiful and functional. These products are designed to meet consumers' need for enhanced performance, and include these DOUBLE LIFE ceiling fan bulbs:

DOUBLE LIFE B10 – These bulbs last twice as long as ordinary B10 décor bulbs and are available in 2-packs of 40 or 60 watts. Both have medium bases.

DOUBLE LIFE A15 -The value-added DOUBLE LIFE A15 ceiling fan clear bulbs are available in 40 and 60 watt 2-packs. Available with medium bases.

SYLVANIA Case Value Packs – Quality lighting value for commercial and contractor markets OSRAM SYLVANIA has announced its new Case Value Packs, offering quality SYLVANIA lighting products at economical bulk pricing. Commercial customers and contractors can now conveniently take cases of one of the world's leading energy-efficient, high-performance lighting products off the shelf at extremely competitive prices. The CVP line includes the most popular assortment of SYLVANIA products, many in 130-volt varieties, all in bulk quantities.

A versatile selection, which includes SYLVANIA energy-saving lamps such as CAPSYLITE® Halogen and OCTRON® fluorescent, makes Case Value Packs even more attractive to prospective customers. The Case Value Pack line-up includes:

General Purpose A-Line and Décor Bulbs A-Line Bulbs – 130 volt – Popular 40-, 60-, 75- and 100-watt frosted bulbs, available in single-wattage 24-pack cases; 60-watt clear bulbs, available in 24-packs; and 300-watt inside frost bulbs, available in 6-packs.

G25 Décor Bulbs – Elegant 40-watt clear and white globes, with a long, 1500-hour life, are available in 6-packs.

Directional Bulbs

Indoor Reflector Floods – 130 volt – R20-, BR30- and BR40-watt bulbs have a long, 2000-hour life and are available in 6-packs.

Indoor/Outdoor PAR Floods – 130 volt – CAPSYLITE Halogen PAR Flood Lights produce bright, white light, have a 25-percent longer life than ordinary PARS, and come in 75- and 90-watt 6-packs.


Cool White Deluxe Fluorescent Lamps – With good color rendering, these lamps are available in 40-watt 4-foot and 75-watt 8-foot packs of 10.

SuperSaver® Fluorescent Lamps (up to 20-percent energy savings)

Cool White, D35 – These lamps are available in 34-watt 4-foot and 60-watt 8-foot lengths. The D35 comes in single-wattage 10-packs of 34-watt 4-foot lengths and 60-watt 8-foot lengths.

DESIGNER® Fluorescent Lamps – Cool in color (4100 Kelvin), DESIGNER lamps have exceptional color rendering and are available in 75-watt 8-foot lengths. They are packaged 10 per case.

OCTRON T-8 Fluorescent Lamps – Both warm color (3500 Kelvin) lamps and cool color (4100 Kelvin) are available in 32-watt 4-foot lengths. They are packaged 12 per case.

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