Tractor Halogen Lights
Tractor halogen lights power up performance for construction and plant equipment

Tractor halogen lights power up performance for construction and plant equipment

Tough, high performance work lights that produce three times the output of conventional halogen lamps are now available from NARVA.

The new Gamma Xenon High Intensity Discharge (HID) work lights feature Xenon discharge globes, the latest innovation in lighting technology. These units are designed for the extreme conditions that form everyday life in the rugged environment of the mining, forestry and construction industries, plus the 24 hour, non-stop operation of ports with cargo and container handling equipment.

"The light from a Xenon discharge globe is produced by an arc in a Xenon gas-filled envelope. With no filament to break, NARVA's HID system combats the effect of vibration and shock from rough work sites," said Tim Miller, the company's marketing manager.

"The colour of Xenon HID lighting is closer to natural daylight with a colour temperature of 4250 degrees Kelvin, As well as providing three times the output with less current draw, NARVA's Gamma Xenon HID globes have a life expectancy of 4,000 hours, eight times that of a conventional halogen globe," Mr Miller added.

A choice of five lens patterns provides operators with the option of a trapezoidal (tractor) beam, a concentrated or wide flood beam and spot or broad beam driving lamps. Operators can switch from one beam pattern to another to cater for changing work requirements by simply changing the lens.

The new lamps feature an all-aluminum alloy housing with heavy duty mounting bracket suitable for pendant or side mounting. The ballast resistor that provides power at 20,000 Volts to the Xenon HID globe is contained within the lamp's alloy housing for convenience and safety. All are available in 12 or 24 Volt options.

Their suitability for operation in rugged and demanding conditions has been endorsed with the rating of IP65. This classification, awarded by the International Electric Commission, refers to the protection provided against solid objects and liquids. This classification is of particular relevance for lights used in underground mining operations.

NARVA is Australian owned and is a leader in the development, manufacture and supply of automotive lighting and electrical components for the automotive, marine and transport industries. Manufacturing and technology resources around the world include facilities in the United States, Europe and Scandinavia as well as Australia and New Zealand.

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