Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs
Free compact fluorescent light bulbs!

Free compact fluorescent light bulbs!

The Community Energy Cooperative is now offering its products and services to the residents and businesses of the neighborhood of Pilsen.

Become a member for $5 dollars (resident) or $25 Dollars (business), and gain access to all of the following great opportunities:

Membership – Resident

When you become a member of the Community Energy Cooperative you are better positioning both yourself and your community for the future power industry.

You will receive a free energy efficiency kit containing three compact flourescent light bulbs for your home, valued at over $30 dollars.

You will receive a quarterly newsletter that keeps you informed about the Cooperative, your Community, and current events in the power industry.

For additional light bulb news; ge manufactured bulbs, or to choose from a variety of related products, please select the link above.

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