Hard To Find Light Bulbs
Here's a bright idea about hard to find bulbs

Here's a bright idea about hard to find bulbs

You know the dilemma: An odd and unusual light bulb blows out, and you're off on your quest, playing Lieutenant Columbo at home stores. ("Do you know where I might find this mini-twist fluorescent light bulb?") Search no longer. The recently-launched Web site www.topbulb.com has an inventory of more than 5,000 different light bulbs at the click of a mouse. You'll find bulbs for your aquarium, holiday lights, the swimming pool, household appliances, flashlights, flood lights and more. Not sure of the bulb? There's a "Visual Bulb ID" section on the site that allows users to click on a bulb that most closely resembles what they need. There's also the option of searching all products by brand name, bulb type, descriptive word or ordering code. And if you're still puzzled, you can e-mail, fax or phone in your questions for personalized help.

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