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Mayors office, city departments to host San Francisco’s energy efficiency fair and give away compact fluorescent light bulbs

Mayors office, city departments to host San Francisco’s energy efficiency fair and give away compact fluorescent light bulbs

Joined by PUC Commission President Victor Makras, Department of the Environment Director Francesca Vietor and representatives from PG&E and the State, Mayor Brown highlighted the need for San Franciscans to take measures to conserve resources in light of the energy crisis.

"This Fair is an important step in San Francisco's efforts to conserve energy," said Mayor Brown. "In addition to providing useful information to San Franciscans about measures we can all take to reduce the amount of energy we use everyday, the event will help San Franciscans save money each month on their utility bills."

Three state-of-the-art washing machines and a compact fluorescent light bulb were on display today as examples of energy efficient appliances and products that will be showcased by more than 150 agencies and companies at the Fair. Compact fluorescent light bulbs will be available free of cost to attendees that bring standard light bulbs to trade, courtesy of PG&E.

The Energy Efficiency Fair will include seminars on energy efficient practices and topics including "Insulation 101", "Making Transportation More Earth Friendly" and "Landscaping for Energy Efficiency."

"Using energy wisely is good for the environment, good for the community, and good for your pocketbook," said Department of the Environment Director Francesca Vietor. "We need to do everything we can, as a city and as individuals, because energy efficiency will help us keep the lights on."

A drawing for door prizes, a youth poetry slam competition, children's games, an energy poster contest exhibition and performances by Make-A-Circus, the Recycling Juggler, the Alex Dolan Band and the San Francisco Girls' Chorus will also be part of the day's activities.

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